How It's Done

Thank you for your interest in how we do it.

We take great pride in our work and would like to show you below. Contact us for a Free Online Estimate!

First the concrete is mixed on-site. Once the concrete is mixed, it is then shoveled into the Concrete Curbing Extruder.

The concrete is extruded into the prepared trench around your landscaping.

Continuing the concrete pour...

Half way there!

Preparing to connect the concrete...

and connected!

Once the rough concrete is in place, it is then finished with hand trowels and tools.

We always double check each step to ensure accuracy and high quality control.

Once the surface is smooth and free of any inconsistencies, a texture or stamping pattern can then be applied.

Contrasting color release powders can be added at this time. This adds depth to your texture and makes the color "pop".

Once the curbing is smooth and/or stamped, the control joints can be made. Control joints are made to help prevent cracking. They are also used for aesthetic purposes.

We take pride in making sure that each section of curbing is formed with proportion and a high level of artistry.

Voila! a finished product!



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