Benefits of Landscape Curbing


Benefit #1 - Get creative!

Decorative landscape curbing is a continuous concrete border intended to retain, accent, and preserve your new and existing landscape designs. Each job is custom mixed and poured on site allowing us to think outside the box; so forget about traditional landscape designs and start getting creative. Our equipment allows us to bring your ideas to life, and create custom shapes to fit your unique style.

Benefit #2 - Variety

Landscape curbing is an exceptional accent to any property; turning ordinary landscapes into a unique and elegant masterpiece. We offer 3 unique curb styles and numerous decorative stamping options to best fit your landscaping needs. Curbing is available in more than 30 different colors to ensure an accurate match with your homes exterior; or add a pleasant contrast to your existing color scheme.

Check out our newest edition of Curbing Style: Natural Stone

Benefit #3 - Durability

Our product is 100% solid concrete. We start from scratch and we mix on-site. In the mix is your desired integral color pigment, an abundance of fiber mesh and liquid additives to help prevent cracking, and produce a more durable and harder concrete product. Control joints are then made for aesthetic purposes and to further help prevent unwanted cracking.

Benefit #4 - Add value to your home

Decorative Curbing is a very rewarding product and a great addition to your homes overall look. Landscape curbing adds value to your home, eliminates labor intensive yard work, and gives a clean, crisp, finished look to your freshly cut lawn. Landscape curbing is very affordable, making it possible for anyone to enjoy the daily pleasures of a wonderfully landscaped property.



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